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Frequently asked questions:


  1. What do I have to do to bid?

In order to be able to bid, you need to register to Planet-Auction.com


  1. Is auction deposit or other security required to bid?

No, for all entities registered in the EU no deposit is required. Auction deposit is only required for entities from outside of EU. It is the security for the offers made on the site.


  1. Are any documents required for registration?

Yes, every registered user must send a copy of the company’s documents to us.


  1. How much does it cost to register?

Registration is free of charge.


  1. Where are the auctioned items stored?

At every auction, the zip code of the location where the items are stored is given. The exact location is only known to Planet-Auction until the moment of the finalization of the sales transaction.


  1. When will I know where the subject of the auction is stored?

After receiving payment Planet-Auction will inform you about the exact address and collection details.


  1. When can I collect purchased item?

Usually, it is 2 days from when the payment is credited to the account of Planet-Auction.


  1. How can I pay for the purchased item?

Payment can be done only by means of a transfer onto the account of Planet-Auction.


  1. Do I have the right to withdraw from the auction after winning it?

No. All offers made are legally binding. If a User wants to withdraw from the transaction, they shall pay a penalty of PLN 3000 net and it might cause their account to be blocked.


  1. Are all prices on Planet-Auction site net?

Yes, all prices will have to have VAT added.


  1. Can I pay in EUR?

No, Planet-Auction site supports only payments in PLN (Polish Zloty).


  1. When the auction ends?

Every auction shows its completion time. This time can be extended by 3 minutes in the case of other user making a bigger bid at the last moment. The auction will always get extended until the time when no higher offer comes in.