Privacy Policy


§ 1
 Initial provisions

1. Pursuant to art. 20, par. 1 of the Act of 18 July 2002 on Electronic Services (Journal of Laws 2002, no. 144, item 1204) and pursuant to art. 173 of the Act of 16 July 2004 Law of Telecommunications (Journal of Laws 2004, no. 171, item 1800) Jacek Glegoła, trading as “Planet Auction Jacek Glegoła”, with registered offices in Rybie, ul. Rybna 17, 05-090 Raszyn, registered in the Central Registration and Information on Business, under NIP No.: 534-226-61-81 hereinafter referred to as “Service Provider”, introduces the following Privacy Policy and Cookies, hereinafter referred to as “Policy”.
2. Unless the Policy states differently, the concepts written in the Policy with a capital letter shall have the meaning as specified in the Terms and Conditions of the platform available at:

§ 2
Personal data

1. By using the platform the User shall provide the Service Provider with the following data:
a) Company name
b) Login
c) Password
d) E-mail address
e) Company’s address
f) Telephone number
g) NIP (Tax Identification Number) or VAT-UE (Value Added Tax) number
h) Vehicle identification data
2. Personal data may be among the information given to the Service Provider by the User.
3. In order to provide services through the Platform, the Service Provider shall also save and process the IP address of the User.
4. The User shall not be able to use the services provided by the Service Provider through the Platform anonymously or using the nickname.
5. Data submission by the User to the Service Provider is voluntary but required for the provision of services by the Service Provider to the User through the Platform.
6. Any personal data shared by the User with the Service Provider is processed in accordance with the requirements of the Polish law and, above all, with the Act of 29 August 1997 on the Protection of Personal Data (unified text: Journal of Laws 2002, no. 101, item 926 as amended) and the Act of 18 July 2002 (Journal of Laws 2002, no. 144, item 1204 as amended) on Electronic Services.
7. The Service Provider is the administrator of the personal data of the User.
8. The Service Provider may entrust the processing of the collected personal data of the Users to a third party on the basis of an agreement concluded with them pursuant to the Act of 29 August on the Protection of Personal Data (art. 31).
9. The User may at any time access their personal data, verify, correct, add or delete it, by editing the Account settings or directing the appropriate request to the Service Provider in any form.
10. The Service Provider processes personal data of the Users solely to the extent and for the purpose necessary to deliver services offered through the platform.
11. The User may agree to the processing of personal data for other purposes as well by ticking off the checkbox with the relevant content.
12. The User has the right at any time to cancel the permission referred to in paragraph 12 above, by editing the settings of  the Account or directing the appropriate request to the Service Provider in another form.
13. Personal data of the Users collected by the Service Provider may, under current laws, be given to authorized government agencies.

§ 3

1. The Service Provider uses cookies, which are small pieces of information stored on the user terminal device (i.e. a PC, tablet, smartphone). Cookies can be read by ICT system of the Service Provider.
2. The Service Provider stores cookies on the User’s terminal device and has access to the information contained therein for statistical purposes and in order to ensure proper operation of the Platform.
3. The Service Provider shall inform the Users that there is a possibility to configure the browsers in such a way that will disable the possibility of storing the cookies on the User’s terminal device.
4. The Service Provider shall indicate that the cookies can be deleted by the User after they are saved by the Service Provider through the relevant functions of a web browser, programs for this purpose or the tools available within the operating system used by the User.
5. The Service Provider shall inform the Users that changing the configuration of the web browser, which prevents or limits the storage of cookies on the User's terminal device may cause functional limitations to services provided by the Service Provider through the Platform. Similar effects can appear if cookies are erased during the provision of services.